Accretion and Outflow From Young Stars

Hartigan, P. (Rice), Edwards, S. (Smith College), and Ghandour, L. (UMass)
In this poster we compare mass accretion and mass outflow rates determined for 42 T Tauri stars that span a broad range of infrared excesses. The mass accretion rates derive from measurements of the excess continuum present in high resolution optical spectra, and the mass outflow rates come from estimates of the luminosities of the high velocity component of [O I]6300 emission. Most of the stars in our sample have mass accretion rates ~ 10^{-6} - 10^{-8} Msun/yr, and mass loss rates ~ 10^{-8} - 10^{-10} Msun/yr. Our results demonstrate the first direct relationship between accretion and outflow. The ratio of mass outflow rate to the mass accretion rate depends upon how the forbidden line luminosities are interpreted, but is probably ~ 0.01 for most classical T~Tauri stars.

Journal of publication: Rev Mex Astr Ap Serie de Conferencias, 3, 93, 1995.