Entrainment by the Jet in HH 47

Raymond, J. (CfA), Morse, J. (CASA), Hartigan, P. (Rice), Curiel, S. (CfA) and Heathcote, S. (CTIO)
Fabry-Perot images of the HH 47 optical jet show that the velocity decreases from the center toward the edges which is interpreted as evidence for entrainment. Those images can be used to investigate the rate of entrainment required to account for the observed luminosity. Entrainment along the jet can account for only small fractions of the jet mass and the molecular outflow seen in CO. We compare the density, excitation, and velocity structure of the jet with the predictions of viscous entrainment models and models of entrainment by expulsion of jet material by internal shocks, and find that either type of model can explain the general features.

Journal of publication: Ap J 434, 232, 1995.