Stars, Galaxies and the Universe:
Assignments and Grades

Grades will be based on the following tests and assignments. You will have the entire period (75 minutes) to take each of the two tests. The tests are timed, closed book, closed notes, with calculator allowed.

TEST #1 March 3 40 pts
TEST #2 April 26 50 pts
WEB PAGE April 29 10 pts

Late Policy
Each homework is worth 10 points. Homeworks must be turned into the prof or to the TA by 5 pm on the due date, which is on a Friday for all five homework sets.

Homework can be turned in for partial credit up to week late - before the next class on Tuesday, the score will be reduced by 2 points; between the Tuesday and Thursday classes 4 points; and between the Thursday class and the following Friday at 5 pm 6 points. No credit is given for homework over a week late. Web pages must be ready on the due date to receive credit.

Honor Code
Exams are pledged. Homeworks are meant to help you understand the material, so you are free to discuss the general nature of the concepts with anyone. However, the actual description of the answer and any specific calculations should be done individually. If you are in doubt about how much to ask/divulge about a specific problem, you might work through a problem that is conceptually similar to the one assigned. Copying down someone else's answer (or allowing someone to copy yours) is an honor code violation.

Problem Set 1 (due 5pm 1/28)

Problem Set 2 (due 5pm 2/11)

Problem Set 3 (due 5pm 2/25)

Problem Set 4 (due 5pm 3/25)

Problem Set 5 (due 5pm 4/22)

1999 Midterm

1999 2nd Midterm

Web Page Project: Throughout the semester keep a lookout (parents can help here!) for articles in the newspaper that deal with some aspect of astronomy. This does not include planetary missions or shuttle launches, unless the launch is specifically related to an astronomy mission. Write a critique of the article - was it accurate? What would you have done the same, or differently, if you had to rewrite the piece? Include here any analogies or explanations you found helpful when learning the material. You should justify your critique, positive or negative, based upon what we have covered in class. Evaluations of more detailed and lengthy articles will tend to get more credit.

Write up your results as a Web Page whose URL you send to me before the due date. Be sure to check the URL you send to me - if there is nothing at this address you won't get any credit!