ASTR 201: Spring 2005 Syllabus

Time: T Th 1:00 - 2:15; HBH 227

Instructor: Dr. Hartigan, HBH 352, X2245

Office Hrs: 2:15-3:30pm TTh, and by appt.

TA: Errol Summerlin, HBH 343, X3523

Text: Universe 7th ed., by Freedman and Kaufmann

 DATE             TOPIC                       CHAPTER   ASSIGNMENT
Th Jan 13   Introduction/ Celestial Sphere      1,2
T  Jan 18   Seasons/ Phases & Eclipses           3                     
Th Jan 20   Gravitation                          4     HMWK 1 assigned
T  Jan 25   Light & Matter/ Optics              5,6                       
Th Jan 27   The Sun                             18     HMWK 1 DUE 1/28 5pm
T  Feb  1   The Sun/ Nature of Stars           18,19                  
Th Feb  3   Nature of Stars                     19     HMWK 2 assigned
T  Feb  8   Comparative Planetology              8
Th Feb 10   Starbirth                           20     HMWK 2 DUE 2/11 5pm
T  Feb 15   Stellar Evolution                   21
Th Feb 17   Stellar Evolution                   21     HMWK 3 assigned
T  Feb 22   Stellar Evolution                   22 
Th Feb 24   Neutron Stars                       23     HMWK 3 DUE 2/25 5pm
T  Mar  1   Neutron Stars/Review                23
Th Mar  3   *** TEST #1 ***                            TEST #1
T  Mar  8   ** RECESS **                    
Th Mar 10   ** RECESS **                   
T  Mar 15   Test Recap/Black Holes              24
Th Mar 17   Milky Way                           25     HMWK 4 assigned
T  Mar 22   The Milky Way Galaxy                25     
Th Mar 24   External Galaxies                   26     HMWK 4 DUE 3/25 5pm
T  Mar 29   External Galaxies                   26     
Th Mar 31   Active Galaxies and Quasars         27
T  Apr  5   Active Galaxies and Quasars         27
Th Apr  7   ** RECESS **                          
T  Apr 12   Cosmology                           28     HMWK 5 assigned
Th Apr 14   Cosmology                           28     
T  Apr 19   The Early Universe [EJ]             29
Th Apr 21   Early Universe/Review               29     HMWK 5 DUE 4/22 5pm
T  Apr 26   *** TEST #2 ***                            TEST #2
Th Apr 28   Test Recap/Extraterrestrial Life    30     Web Page DUE 4/29 5pm

Additional Resources: Much of the material is available on-line at You can register on the site after purchasing the book. Along with the book come a Student Resources CD and a Starry Night CD. The Resources CD has several useful self-testing features designed to help your study, and the Starry Night CD is a planetarium program you can run that will show how the sky looks anywhere on the Earth at any time. Some of the homework problems will be using Starry Night, so you should take some time to become familiar with it.

Observing: While computer-based lab exercises can be very instructive, there is no substitute for actually going outside and looking at the sky. You will have an opportunity to use the Rice Observatory campus telescopes to observe some of the objects we will be discussing in class. We will discuss this further as the semester progresses.

Disabled Students: If you have a documented disability that will impact your work in this class, please contact me to discuss your needs. Additionally, you will need to register with the Disability Support Services Office in the Ley Student Center.