ASTR 221: Observing Notes

C-8 setup with no fancy alignment

  • To begin, note that the handpaddle has 'Menu' on key-7, up-arrow on key-6 and down-arrow on key-9.

  • Orient the tripod so the polar axis faces due north. You can look through the sighting scope at the bottom of the axis or just wing it. Plug in the power and turn on the small black power switch on the mount next to where you plug it in. A red light ought to come on. Try another power outlet if it doesn't come on.
  • First you have to get the tracking to work.

  • Press 'Menu'

  • Scroll using arrow-keys to 'Tracking'; hit 'Enter'

  • Scroll using arrow-keys to 'Mode'; hit 'Enter'

  • Scroll using arrow-keys to choose 'EQ-North' to track; or 'Off' to shut off tracking
  • Now you need to get a quick alignment so you can slew around.

  • From the top menu (keep hitting 'Back'), press 'Align'

  • Follow instructions to line up the RA and DEC marks, enter date, time, zone, etc.

  • When you get to 'Select Alignment' scroll past the two-star option to 'Quick Align'

    To set it up later for alignment you can always input a star, keep hitting 'Back', center the star and hit 'Align' to add it to the solution.