Observing the Night Sky: Registration and Prerequisites

There are no prerequisites for ASTR 221. There is a limit on the number of students that can be enrolled in the course. This limit is determined by the amount of equipment and manpower we have available.

Registration is currently full. Students on the a waiting list may be added at the discretion of the instructor. Note that the Registrar no longer recognizes waiting lists for this class, though all other things being equal the professor will take the order on the waiting list into account when considering 'Add' forms.

If you have successfully registered you must attend the Wednesday night orientation during the first week of classes or see Dr. Hartigan at his office (Rm 350 Herman Brown Hall) Tuesday morning to get the orientation and fill out the necessary schedule information. Students who register but do not attend class use up spaces for those on the waiting list. Out of fairness to your fellow students, please drop the class early if you know you will not continue with it.

This course deals with observation of astronomical objects, and as such will mean more to a student that has had an astronomy class of some sort. It is a good companion class to either ASTR 201 or ASTR 202, the introductory lecture classes on astronomy and planetary science, respectively.

A more-demanding 3-credit alternative to ASTR 221 aimed towards astro majors and SE students is ASTR 230, offered in the spring semester.