ASTR 221: Fall 2012 Syllabus

Time: Wednesday 7pm ; HBH 427;

Instructor: Dr. Patrick Hartigan,, HBH 350, X2245
TA: Wilson Cauley, HBH 343
Office Hrs PMH: T 11-12

Text: Nightwatch by T. Dickenson

 DATE             TOPIC                                   ASSIGNMENT
Aug 22   Orientation and Registration                  Evening Sky chart

Aug 29   Grand Tour of the Universe                    Lab 1 Handout  ** observing begins ** 

Sep  5   Magnitude scales, star names, constellations  observing for lab 1
         celestial sphere, RA/DEC, ecliptic, seasons

Sep 12   Telescope Basics, seeing [PMH travel]         observing for lab 1

Sep 19   Sidereal & synodic periods for Moon & planets observing for lab 1
         Kepler's laws, LST, Stellarium demo
Sep 26   Solar and lunar eclipses, precession, saros   observing for lab 1

Oct  3   Observing for lab 1, problem resolution       observing for lab 1

Oct 10   RECESS for Centennial                         observing for lab 1

Oct 17   Photometric colors, emission, continuum and   Lab 1 Writeups DUE
         absorption spectra, HR diagram, Harvest Moon

Oct 24   Stellar evolution; Celestron-8 Go-to Orientations  self-scheduled observing

Oct 31   Object overview: Sun, planets, asteroids      self-scheduled observing
         moons, meteors and comets    

Nov  7   Object overview: Open and globular clusters,  self-scheduled observing for Lab 2
         white dwarfs, novae and supernovae

Nov 14   In-class EXAM on lecture material             In-class EXAM ; Individual Exams on Lab 2 Begin

Nov 21   Exams on Lab 2                                Lab 2 Individual Exams

Nov 28   Object overview: Variable stars, galaxies,    Lab 2 Individual Exams
         black holes, QSOs, Exam review                  

If you have a documented disability that will impact your work in this class, please contact me to discuss your needs. Additionally, you will need to register with the Disability Support Services Office in the Ley Student Center.