ASTR 230: Grades

Grades will be based on

Class preparation includes being on time for scheduled observing sessions and being prepared in class and at the telescope. Students are responsible for getting their projects and assignments done whenever the weather is clear. There are no makeups if the students postpone the work to the last minute and it happens to be cloudy.

The following lists the grade distribution I have given out the last eight times I have taught this class (going back to 1998). These may not reflect the totals compiled by the Registrar because some students may have taken the course pass/fail, but professors do not know this when assigning grades. The compilation does not reflect grades of students who dropped before the add/drop date, or those who were in another section of the class from what I taught.

Asterisks indicate students who later applied to and were accepted into graduate school in astronomy. Note the strong correlation between doing well in this class and continuing on to a career in astronomy.

       X   X
    X  X   X
    *  X   X
    *  X   X
    *  X   X
    *  X   X      X   X
    *  X   *   X  X   X
    *  *   *   X  X   X   X  X          X
X   *  *   *   X  X   X   X  X          X
A+  A  A-  B+  B  B-  C+  C  C-  D+  D  F

The median is a B+ and the mean GPA is 3.11.