ASTR 230: Final Projects

---------------------------- 2016 --------------------------
     Rachel Bowyer           Relating Elliptical Galaxy Brightness Falloff to Black Hole Mass 
     Keshawn Ivory           Color Filter Galaxy Comparison
     Isaiah Tristan          Atmospheric composition of Jupiter

---------------------------- 2010 --------------------------
     Annie Blay              Atmospheric composition of Saturn
     Michael Eastwood        Line shapes and depths in stellar spectra

---------------------------- 2009 --------------------------
     Jorgen Nelson           Photometric Observation of Variable M Dwarf AD Leonis
     Danny Shanaberger       Color-Magnitude Diagram of the Galactic Open Cluster M46
     Erica Lastufka          Spectra of the Orion Nebula
     Jameson Neff            The Semi-Major Axis of 45 Eugenia
     Max Bathman             Comparing the Spectra of the Moon and the Sky

---------------------------- 2008 --------------------------
     Austin Belknap          Spectral behavior of bright stars in the Pleiades
     Parker Davis            Color magnitude diagrams of open clusters
     Scott Newman            Atmospheric composition of Saturn
     Stephen Ross            Resolving components of a spectroscopic binary

---------------------------- 2007 --------------------------
     Kevin Winters           Spectroscopy of the Orion Nebula
     Rob Kuvinka             Star Formation in the Spiral Arms of M 94
     Andrew Davenport        Spectroscopy of Jupiter
     Isle Cleeves            Analyzing Saturn's Atmosphere
     Julia Scheevel          Color Variability in SZ Lyn
     Daniel Young            Color Gradients in Varying Galactic Types

---------------------------- 2002 --------------------------
     Alex Cobb               Spectroscopy of Main Sequence A, F, and G Stars
     Katie Garcia            Light Curve of Asteroid 2501 Lohja
     Jon Noack               The Methane Absorption Bands in Jupiter and Saturn
     Ken Rice                Spectral Analysis of Z CMa
     Jeff Silverman          Sizes of Lunar Features from Ground-Based Images
     James Stone             Comparing the Light Distributions in Spiral Galaxies

---------------------------- 2001 --------------------------
     Daniel Brickman         Cluster Photometry in the Starburst NGC 1569
     Bonnie Bryan            Morphologies of cD Galaxies
     Eileen Chollet          Ages of White Dwarfs in Planetary Nebulae
     Steve Movit             H II Regions in the Spiral M 101
     Rachel Pierson          Photometry of the NGC 2420 Cluster
     Maeve Quigley           Galactic Classification in the Ursa Major Cluster
     Tonia Venters           Light Distributions Within Interacting Galaxy Pairs

---------------------------- 2000 --------------------------
     Matt Braby           Color and Photometry in NGC 2024
     Taylor Cavanah       Supernova:  An Odyssey into the Depths of Space
     Juan Correa          Satellites of Jupiter & Saturn
     Vergel Cruz          Comets C/1999 H3 LINEAR and C/1999 L3 LINEAR
     Laura Fagundes       Lunar Imagery & Height Measurements
     Michael Feldman      Peculiar & Interacting Galaxies
     Matthew Grabelsky    A Morphological Comparison Of Starburst And Normal SBc Galaxies
     Sanford Holmes       Planetary Nebula
     Michael Leyton       Images of star formation activity in M 81
     Kim Maher            Jupiter & Saturn Surface Imagery Processing
     Ben Romig            Morphology of Seyfert Galaxies
     Katie Scholl         "Deer" Normal Galaxy Imagery