Astronomy Laboratory: Registration and Prerequisites

ASTR 230 is required for all ASTR degrees, and students who pursue these degrees usually take it the second semester of their sophomore year. Skills learned in this class are important components to any application for summer internships in observational astronomy. However, it is common to have several students from other majors (usually, but not exclusively SCI/ENG) in the class. Typically, freshmen do not take ASTR 230 because it requires particularly good time-management skills.

Only declared majors may preregister for the course, which has an enrollment limit of 10. Most of the time we can accomodate everyone who wants to register, but this is not always the case.

This course deals with observation of astronomical objects, and as such will mean more to a student that has had an astronomy class of some sort, such as ASTR 360, ASTR 202, or ASTR 201.

Students should be aware that the second half of the course uses unix computers extensively, though we will cover most of what you need to know in class. Mathematics used in class will be primarily trig, geometry, and logarithms; however, we will use some calculus and differential equations when we discuss error analysis.

We are in the process of creating a less-demanding alternative to ASTR 230 aimed towards ACADEMS. When implemented, students will be able to take ASTR 100, ASTR 201 or ASTR 202 in conjunction with the new lab class to obtain a thorough, but non-technical introduction to both theoretical and observational astronomy.