Introduction to Astrophysics: Prerequisites

Prerequisite: Math 211
Corequisite: Phys 202 or Chem 312.

This course is considerably more quantitative than ASTR 201 (Stars, Galaxies and the Universe). Most students find ASTR 350 to be challenging because it draws from several areas of physics and mathematics. It is, however, an introductory course that assumes no knowledge of astronomy on the part of the student. As such, ASTR 350 and 360 together are the quantitative counterpart to a typical introductory survey class like ASTR 201.

Physics/Chemistry: In addition to the basics of mechanics, optics, waves, and E&M, it will be necessary to use some of the concepts of modern physics in this class. For this reason Phys 202 or Chem 312 are listed as Co-reqs. The modern physics requirement can be waived for a motivated student, but such a student will need to work harder to keep up with the material in the course.

Mathematics: We will use multivariable calculus throughout the course, and will occasionally need to solve a differential equation. Some equations may need to be solved numerically on the computer.

Sometimes we'll need to use more advanced concepts of mathematics and modern physics than those covered by the pre- and co-reqs, and will develop these as necessary.