Resources for NSCI 111

WEEKS 1 and 2: Introduction to NSCI 111, the Symonds Lab and the Internet

WEEK 3: Overview of the Solar System

WEEK 4: A Closer Look at the Moon and Mars

WEEK 5: Birth of the Heliocentric Hypothesis

WEEK 6: Gravitation and Orbital Motion

WEEK 7: The Nature of Light

WEEK 8: Quantum Physics and the Ultimate Structure of Matter

WEEK 9: Einstein's Theories of Special and General Relativity.

WEEK 10: Where Are We in the Universe?

WEEK 11: How Stars Are Born, What Happens As They Age, and How They Die

WEEK 12: The Origin and Age of the Universe.

WEEK 13: The Future and Fate of the Universe.

WEEK 14: Are We Alone?

WEEK 15: Science Today

MISCELLANEOUS: Resources that may be of assistance in this class

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