Annual Research Highlights

It is often possible to get a good idea of the main points within a paper by looking at the figures. The following links compile some of the most important figures and captions taken from papers I published that year. Each figure is represented by a thumbnail image, and the main image accompanied by a caption. This list is not complete -- usually only a subset of the observational papers and rarely theoretical ones are represented here, and not all the figures are included from each paper.

2005 HH 47 Proper Motion
2004 Slitless Images of Jets [Fe II] Infrared Line Emission From Radiative Shocks
2003 Review Paper on Shocks
2002 Movies of Stellar Jets from HST Subarcsecond Accreting Binary T Tauri Stars
2001 Proper Motions Within HH 111
2000 HST Images of Cepheus A Binary T Tauri Stars Observed With HST
1999 HST FOS UV Spectra of HH 47A Velocities in L1551
1998 Shocked Free-Free Emission PPIV Review Paper
Images from George Observatory
1997 HST Images of HH 111 Jet HST Images of Orion
Jets in the Orion Nebula Nonradiative Shocks
1996 HH 47 HST Images H_2 Images of Cep A
1995 Disks and T Tauri Stars

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