Undergraduate Astronomy Degrees at Rice

The Dept of Physics and Astronomy currently offers both a BS in Astrophysics and a BA in Astronomy. The BS degree is tailored for those students intending to study astrophysics in graduate school, while the BA is better suited for those students who want to become primary and secondary school teachers, or wish to create a more interdisciplinary undergraduate degree. We are also considering offering a minor, but are trying to assess demand for this option. Please let me know if you are interested in a minor and how you think it might be constructed.

The ASTR degrees include a strong background in math, physics, and computers, with at least one astronomy course to be taken each year. Typically freshmen enroll in the ASTR 100 seminar, sophomores in the ASTR 230 lab course, and sometimes ASTR 360, juniors take ASTR 350 and ASTR 360 if they have not taken the latter as sophomores, and seniors avial themselves of a variety of topical courses. The Departmental website has the latest description of the degree requirements.