Image of HH 47 Jet in [S II]

An HST image of the HH 47 outflow taken through a [S II] filter. The main panel shows a detailed view of the HH 47 jet. The jet is powered by an IR source located near the lower right hand corner of the frame. The source illuminates the walls of the cavity through which the jet emerges, producing a bright reflection nebula which envelopes the base of the jet and extends along its northwestern edge. The body of the jet, very bright in [S II], consists of a sinuous chain of knots. The working surface, of the jet, HH 47A, is seen at the upper left hand corner. The inset is a mosaic of the images from all the WFPC2 CCDs showing the entire approaching lobe of the flow. The faint outer bow shock HH 47D lies in the upper corner of the mosaic. In this, and the remaining images in this paper, north is rotated about 11 degrees clockwise from the vertical.