Kinematics of the HH 29 Region

Velocity and emission line images of HH 29. Top-right: A difference image showing excess H-alpha (black) along the leading edge of the HH 29 bow shock. Top-left and bottom-left: Two depictions of the radial velocity field within HH 29. The largest emission line widths (white) occur in knots A and B and in what appears to be a shock that wraps around knot A. Probable locations of the shocks are indicated by the red lines. Bottom-right: The radial velocities of [S II] 6731 within HH 29. Both knots A and B have lower radial velocities than the leading bow shock, as would occur if faster material has overtaken the slower knots. As in Fig. 2, the radial velocities in km/s with respect to the molecular cloud used to encode the red, green, and blue images are labeled.