OI Jets in CW Tau and DD Tau

Emission line images of [O I] 6300A for the classical T Tauri stars CW Tau and DD Tau. Panels (a) and (b) show slitless images with the stellar continuum removed, taken about a year apart. An `x' marks the location of the star, determined from the stellar spectrum, which is oriented along the solid lines. The images are all rotated so north is up and east to the left. The PA listed is the direction on the sky perpendicular to the dispersion axis (the PA of the slit in longslit spectra). The combined images (c) average the two epochs after masking out the noise from the stellar subtraction, as shown in slide 63. Masks are 4 $-$ 5 pixels wide in all cases. The deconvolved images (d) used the stsdas Lucy algorithm with niter=8. Contour levels are described in slide 63.