Week 3- Assignment 3

Date Due:  Friday,  September 26 at 5 PM

Submit this assignment as a Web page. That is, email the URL to the TAs when you are finished.

Available resources include:

1. (3 Points) Make a table that gives the following data on each of the nine planets in the solar system:

  1. name
  2. distance from the sun in AU,
  3. period of orbit about the sun in earth years,
  4. radius of the planet in Earth radii.
  5. mass of the planet in Earth masses.
  6. the velocity of the planet around the Sun, in km/s.

    Can you find any relationship between a planet's distance from the sun and it's velocity in orbit about the sun?

2. (7 points) Write a short paragraph that describes the general characteristics of each planet such as: what it looks like, does it have an atmosphere and if so, what is the nature of that atmosphere, what is the surface temperature, does it have satellites or rings, does it have a magnetic field, is it likely to support life, etc.