Week 4- Assignment 4

Submit this assignment as a Web page like you did for assignment #3. We suggest that you call it 'wk4.html' on owlnet so you don't overwrite any of your previous work.

Date Due:  Friday,  October 3 at 5 PM

1. [3 pts]
(a) Describe the three types of tectonic faults in a couple of sentences. Be sure that you can draw a picture that describes each, but you don't have to put the picture on the Web page.
(b) What are the three main types of volcanoes and lava flows?
(c) How do craters in material with low viscosity (like ice) differ from those in rock? Give an example of a solar system object with a low viscosity surface, and one with a high viscosity surface.

[2 pts] Search the images in http://sparky.rice.edu/~hartigan/natsci/3d/START.HTM and use your 3d glasses to identify an image that shows evidence of

Record the URL of the images, and describe where in each image you see the appropriate feature.

3. [3 pts] Summarize the major results so far from the Mars Surveyor and Pathfinder missions and record where you obtained this information. The class 'resources' link is a good place to start.

4. [2 pts] A while ago there was a report that fossils may have been found in a meteorite that was supposed to come from Mars. This discovery is still controversial - some have argued that the structures found in the meteorite were not fossils - but no one doubts that the meteorite came from Mars. What is this convincing evidence that the meteorite is actually from Mars?