Homework #6

Nature of Light
Due 5pm Friday Oct 17

1. [2 pts]
Solids and opaque hot gases (like stars) emit raditation whose spectrum depends upon temperature. This radiation is called blackbody emission, and is described in more detail at this website. Use the Website to answer the following questions:

2. [1 pt apiece; 6 pts total]
Discuss questions 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, and 10 on page 169 in Trefil and Hazen. Write a short paragraph on each item. You may discuss these questions in groups, but the wording of the writeup should be your own.

3. [2 pts]
Examine the colors on resources page with the spectrometer provided in class. Carefully draw the spectrum for each color and for a lightbulb. Note if the spectrum of each is emission, absorption, continuum, or a combination.