Homework #7

Quantum Mechanics and Particle Physics
Due 5pm Friday Oct 24

The following questions are discussed in the particle physics website, or in Chapters 8, 11, and 12 of Trefil and Hazen. The best way to do the assignment is probably to read through the Web page carefully, and answer the questions as you go.

  1. What holds atoms together to make molecules, if most atoms have no electrical charge?
  2. What holds the nucleus together, if the strong force only acts to bind quarks together?
  3. Which interaction involves changing 'flavor'?
  4. What are the four forces and their carrier particles?
  5. Describe the first experiment that showed conclusively that atoms consist of a tiny nucleus surrounded by a large cloud of electrons.
  6. Why are particles with high momentum useful for probing very small structures?
  7. Write down at least three fundamental questions not addressed by the standard model.
  8. What is a 'Grand Unified Theory'?
  9. What experimental evidence shows that light sometimes behaves like a particle?
  10. What experimental evidence shows that particles have wavelike properties?