Inferring Rotation Periods of Young Stars from Synoptic Observations

Hartigan, P. (Rice), Johns-Krull, C. (Rice), and Scowen, P. (ASU)

Using known distributions for the periods, amplitudes, and light curve shapes of young stars, we examine how well one can measure periods of these objects in the upcoming era of large synoptic surveys. Surveys like the LSST should be able to recover accurate rotation periods for over 90% of targets of interest in regions of nearby massive star formation. This information will usher in a new era in our understanding of how the angular momentum of a young star/disk system evolves with time.

2012, New Horizons in Time Domain Astronomy, IAU Symp 285, R. Griffin, R. Hanish and R. Seaman eds., (Cambrige: Cambridge Univ. Press), p.327