High Velocity Features in the Orion Nebula

O'Dell, C.R., Hartigan, P. (Rice), Bally, J., & Morse, J. (CASA)

We have surveyed the inner 7' of the Orion Nebula for high velocity outflows with Fabry-Perot images in [S II] and [O III]. The new survey recovers all known HH objects in the region, and also reveals a number of new high velocity flows. New flows include (1) jets over an arcminute in length that extend from the center of the nebula to HH 202 in the north and HH 203-204 in the south; (2) an east-west jet in the center of the nebula that aligns with the elliptical HH object HH 269 to the west; (3) a second blueshifted flow that moves eastward from the east-west jet and appears as a series of [O III] arcs in HST images; (4) a blueshifted HH object south of HH 202 that may be driven by a large nearby H2 jet; (5) a redshifted ``microjet'' that emerges northward from the proplyd 170-337; (6) a chain of redshifted [O III] arcs that may originate from the proplyd 159-350; (7) redshifted and blueshifted emission from several other proplyds; (8) an extended east-west low surface brightness region of blueshifted [O III] emission 65" south of Theta1C Ori which may be associated with the cavity generated by the intense stellar wind from Theta1C Ori; and (9) a blueshifted [S II] emission feature along two features that originate from the BN/IRc2 region.

1997, AJ 114, 2016.